parallel of latitude

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parallel of latitude:

see latitudelatitude,
angular distance of any point on the surface of the earth north or south of the equator. The equator is latitude 0°, and the North Pole and South Pole are latitudes 90°N and 90°S, respectively.
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Parallel of Latitude


the line of intersection of the surface of the globe with a plane parallel to the equator. All points lying on such a parallel have the same geographic latitude.

parallel of latitude

[′par·ə‚lel əv ′lad·ə‚tüd]
(computer science)

circle of longitude

circle of longitude
circle of longitude
i. A circle of the celestial sphere parallel to the ecliptic.
ii. A circle on the surface of the earth parallel to the plane of the equator. A parallel, along which longitude is measured. Also called parallel of latitude.


The line joining all points that are at the same latitude (i.e., parallel to the equator). See latitude. See also parallel of latitude.
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Let us observe that the diameter of the conical parallel of latitude circle does not pass through its center what is illustrated in Figure 7 and its length does not equal double length of circle's radius.
Her doctor explained that risk factors for low vitamin D include dark skin, larger body sizes (BMl), wearing sun screen, working long hours indoors, and living north of a parallel of latitude corresponding approximately to Atlanta, GA (about 33 degrees north).
The length of each line segment along a meridian is about 445 meters, while the length of each line segment along a parallel of latitude is about 445, 403, 286 and 115 meters at 0, 25, 50 and 75 degrees, respectively.

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