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Custom Tools" used to clone the data transmission enabling parallel operations
Reliable parallel operation of power systems of the two countries in the medium term can be provided through the 500 kV South Kazakhstan Regional Power Plant - Zhambyl power line, the Ministry explained.
A parallel operation of old and new numbers will remain in action, from July 1 to Sep 30, 2009, that means subscribers would be able to dial old as well as new numbers.
The resulting new series of converters represents an upgrade of our existing products, with added functions such as parallel operation support and overvoltage protection.
For more information about the new Smart-UPS VT parallel operation units and all of APC's other VT models, visit www.
With Eos and Maxjet both established with business class services from Stansted to JFK New York, American Airlines, part of oneworld, is to introduce its own parallel operation at the start of the winter season 2007.
Start-up periods and load change characteristics of boilers and turbines are essential for parallel operation with power networks.
Whenever the system operates, the building remains connected to Con Edison, running in parallel operation with their grid.
Time-multiplexed electronics, similar to that used in DRAM chips, address each tip individually for parallel operation.
The parallel operation of these two systems lies at the heart of the paradox that what we think we `see' is not always what guides our actions," the scientists conclude.
The Pasadena-based health care provider's Panorama City Medical Center needed 384 cable pairs to support parallel operation of both systems for the PBX's first month of operation.
The system must be equipped with at least 2 Loadports and process both 150 and 200 mm wafer by means of an automatic programmable handling system in conversion-free parallel operation

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