parent education

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parent education,

movement to help parents' understanding of the problems of children at home and in the school. Much parent education is carried on through the channels of adult educationadult education,
extension of educational opportunities to those adults beyond the age of general public education who feel a need for further training of any sort, also known as continuing education.
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, both formally and informally. The National Congress of Parents and Teachers (founded as the National Congress of Mothers in 1897) is active in disseminating literature, promoting discussion groups, and lobbying for educational funding. The organization has some 6.6 million members, in 26,000 local parent-teacher associations (PTAs) located in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and overseas Defense Dept. schools. This number is down from a membership of about 12 million in 1966, a result, partly, of increasing single-parent households and working mothers, the failure of the organization to attract minority families, and what has been seen as its unwavering loyalty to teachers' causes. Many schools have active independent school-parents partnerships with strictly local goals.


See publications of the National Congress of Parents and Teachers. See also S. Jaffee and J. Viertel, Becoming Parents (1979); C. Cataldo, Parent Education for Early Childhood (1986); S. P. McCaleb, Building Communities of Learners (1994).

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The Corniche Hospital has been holding parent education classes for the past 26 years.
Parent education and involvement is a focal point during National Teen Driver Safety Week, Oct.
We are a recognized provider of effective parent education programs and children's mental health services.
Three call center supervisors (who had received several weeks of call center training in locating services) identified parent education agencies and created a list of agencies stored in the 2-1-1 Texas data base.
Involvement in parent education programs has been associated with positive outcomes for inmates.
The parent education component becomes especially critical when making decisions at the middle and high school levels, when transition matters need to be discussed.
Interaction between ethnicity and parenting styles affects teenage sexual behavior, (14) suggesting that enhancing parent education programs may be particularly valuable for certain ethnic groups.
Two types of partnership programs are successful in facilitating educational resilience and academic achievement: (a) family-centered partnerships such as family centers, parent education programs, and family outreach (Comer et al.
In addition, mothers met at least one evening each month to conduct business and at other times for parent education.
Cecilia Noboa-Castro, a parent education teacher at Murchison Street Elementary, says she explains to them that "in the U.
Parent education networks or active birth groups are usually run in teachers'' own homes and focus on natural childbirth and alternative classes.
Their report of parent education programs for middle and high school (begun in 1994 in Manchester, England) revealed encouraging findings: Parent education in five pilot schools showed a measurable positive impact on students' knowledge about, skills in, and attitudes towards parenting.

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