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Golf an estimated standard score for a hole or course that a good player should make



Abbr. for “planed all round.”


On drawings, abbr. for paragraph.

PAR lamp

PAR lamp
A reflector lamp, usually incandescent, with a thick glass envelope, the back interior side of which has a parabolic shape with a reflective coating; used with a lensed front of the envelope to provide desired spread of the light beam.
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Pares, 46, won the Commonwealth title in Llandudno last year, covering 244.
Helped along with a diet of banana bread, a combination of jam and cheese sandwiches and melon, the ultra-runner held a two-lap lead over Pares by the end.
Entering with a record of eight fights, six wins (three by KO) and two losses, welterweight Al Dah, 32, made light work of 'Loco' Pares, aged 28 of Girona, Catalunya, flooring him twice with right hooks inside the first round and a neat right upper cut in the second.
Plasse confronted the Pares at their home in a heated exchange.
When the betting reopened at the announcement of the stewards', the initial price about Primus Inter Pares was around 1.
Christopher Petrillie is an 8th-degree Doce pares Eskrima black belt master and in "Cutting The Lines: The Vicious Compression Locks of Doce Pares Eskrim" he takes up where he left off in his earlier marital arts instruction DVD "Crashing The Lines".