parotid glands

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parotid glands:

see salivary glandssalivary glands
, in humans, three pairs of glands that secrete the alkaline digestive fluid, saliva, into the mouth. Most animals have salivary glands that resemble those in humans; however, in some animals these glands perform other functions.
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Keywords: Magnetic resonance imaging, parotid glands, diffusion weighted imaging, apparent diffusion coefficient
All parotid gland swellings with preoperative FNAC and histopathology were included in the study.
Pathological results revealed that the lesion of the parotid gland was poorly differentiated SCC while a total of 7 lymph nodes sized 5–10 mm from the neck dissection were confirmed to be reactive hyperplasia.
Keywords: Cytomorphology, FNA, Hydatid Cyst, Parotid gland.
The levels of MDA showed an increase in expression in parotid glands at one and four weeks of exposure to ethanol (Figure 5(b)).
LECs of the parotid glands are sensitive to radiotherapy.
The patient was taken to the operating room for sialendoscopy of both parotid glands, dilation of the parotid ducts, and steroid infusions.
Diabetes causes an accumulation of lipids in the parotid glands of rats, with an increase in the synthesis of total serum cholesterol.
28] In the diabetes induced experimental studies, damaged and dysfunctional parotid glands were determined that could be related with oral infection due to the reduced secretion of saliva.
The parotid gland is irregularly triangular in dog and cat, located near the ear between the existing space in the mandible, the atlas wing and the auricular cartilage (ELLENPORT, 1986; DYCE et al.
Under 'resting' conditions the flow rate of the parotid gland amounts to 0-0.
Researchers at Hebrew University in Jerusalem have found that cases of cancerous or benign parotid gland tumors--the parotid (or salivary) gland being the gland located closest to where people hold their phones--have quadrupled since 1970.