passive display

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passive display

(1) A small, inexpensive LCD readout that uses segmented digits or characters (see LCD types).

(2) An LCD or OLED screen that uses passive matrix technology. See passive matrix, LCD, LCD types and OLED.

(3) A 3D TV that uses inexpensive polarized glasses. See polarized 3D.
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Another passive display by the Blues at White Hart Lane, where they frustrated a less than impressive Tottenham for an hour or so but never looked like taking a grip on the game, only added to the frustration.
Asked by Kennedy if the display is in any way coercive or harmful to those who may disagree with it, Staver responded, "It's a passive display in a courthouse in a hallway and you could simply walk past that and avert your eyes once you see this.
The criticism that followed his passive display last April 11 prompted Bryant to not speak to the media for 12 days.
That can begin with England adopting a more aggressive attitude to the opposition in contrast to their passive display during the first Test when only Darren Gough seemed capable of unsettling the West Indies' batsmen.
The first commercial LEP product will be Philips' monochrome passive display in mobile phones and pagers, expected to reach the market in late 1999.
The 30-year-old from West Sussex has only fought three times since his passive display when outpointed by ex-WBO title holder Henry Akinwande in Nashville in January, 1997.

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