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a sequence of characters used to gain access to a computer system



an established secret word.

In the Soviet armed forces, passwords for each day are established by the garrison commandant for garrison guards on guard duty. The chief of staff of a unit establishes passwords for internal, or unit, guard duty. The password certifies that the guard detail that has arrived as a relief was actually assigned for the purpose or that a person who has arrived with an order has been authorized to do so by the appropriate commander. All persons who know the password must keep it secret. In the Russian Army until the Field Regulations of 1912 were published, passwords were used not only on guard duty but also on outguard duty. Various organizations also use passwords for security purposes. A secret password with a set reply may also be used for identification.


(computer science)
A unique word or string of characters that must be supplied to meet security requirements before a program, computer operator, or user can gain access to data.


Open, Sesame!
formula that opened the door to the robbers’ cave. [Arab. Lit.: Arabian Nights]
by its pronunciation the Gileadites could identify Ephraimite fugitives. [O. T.: Judges 12:4-6]


An arbitrary string of characters chosen by a user or system administrator and used to authenticate the user when he attempts to log on, in order to prevent unauthorised access to his account.

A favourite activity among unimaginative computer nerds and crackers is writing programs which attempt to discover passwords by using lists of commonly chosen passwords such as people's names (spelled forward or backward). It is recommended that to defeat such methods passwords use a mixture of upper and lower case letters or digits and avoid proper names and real words. If you have trouble remembering random strings of characters, make up an acronym like "ihGr8trmP" ("I have great trouble remembering my password").


A secret word or code used to serve as a security measure against unauthorized access to data. It may be used to log onto a computer, network or website or to activate newly installed software in the computer. However, without additional measures such as biometric identification, the computer can only verify the legitimacy of the password, not the legitimacy of the user (see biometrics).

Password, Passphrase, Passcode and Key
The terms "passphrase," "passcode" and "key" are synonyms for password. They all provide an identity mechanism; however, passwords, passphrases and passcodes tend to be user generated. A key usually refers to a code generated by an encryption system or by the vendor of the software the user purchased. See password manager, public key cryptography and NCSC.

Password Tips from the NCSC

CHANGE PASSWORD FREQUENTLY - The longer you use a password, the higher the risk.

USE GOOD PASSWORDS - Don't use persons, places or things that can be identified with you.

DON'T DISCLOSE YOUR PASSWORD - Your password is as valuable as the information it protects.

INSPECT YOUR DATA - If you suspect someone has tampered with your files, report it immediately.

NEVER LEAVE AN ACTIVE TERMINAL UNATTENDED - Always log out or lock your terminal before leaving it.

REPORT SUSPECTED COMPUTER ABUSE - Whether directed against you or not, abuse or misuse of your computer resources only hinders the timely completion of your tasks.
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For example, if an employee must use both an accounting package and spreadsheet as part of daily job requirements, the password system will allow access to the accounting program with a first password.
To assist clients interested in protection from risks due to unmanaged privileged passwords, Wipro now offers a comprehensive privileged password solution offering which includes security evaluations and assessments, design and deployment, and management of the solution.
Auditing and control standards often require a password that is released to a user to be locked and unavailable to other users.
These include the ability to disable an employee's system access promptly upon employee termination; enforcing a company-wide password change on a regular basis; and implementing reliable auditing and reporting systems.
CSPM now manages the passwords in Cisco Routers extending password management to a new class of devices.
With the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) and the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) requiring regular updates to server passwords - including those that are hard-coded in applications on unattended servers - changing and managing these passwords has become an issue that affects every government and enterprise organization.
By automating the process of securely changing server IDs and passwords, CSPM improves security, increases quality of service by reducing outages, and potentially saves millions of dollars by eliminating manual updates.
Included in Password Power 8, the Notes ID Plug-In is a client-side solution that supports Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP.
Power LogOn's password management system is constantly tested by the latest decoding tactics and our system continues to perform flawlessly," says Dovell Bonnett, Founder and CEO of Access Smart, LLC.
By leveraging federation products such as HP Select Federation or Microsoft ADFS, Password Manager 4.
Providing password management solutions since 1999, PistolStar has realized double digit growth from year to year over the past three years.
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