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, pastil
1. an aromatic substance burnt to fumigate the air
2. Med a small coated paper disc formerly used to estimate the dose or intensity of radiation (esp of X-rays): it changes colour when exposed
3. a variant of pastel (sense 1)



a confection prepared by beating sugar and egg white into fruit puree (whipped pastille). The porous, foamy mass is usually thickened by blending it with a hot, sticky, gelatigenous syrup made from sugar, starch syrup, and agar (gum pastille) or with a fruit-jelly paste (boiled pastille). Individual pastilles are then formed from the resulting gelled, foamy mass. Depending on the type of pastilles being made, the finished products are left to stand or to dry at high temperatures, either before or after forming. Pastilles must be stored at a relative humidity of 75–80 percent and at a temperature no higher than 20°C.

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Some of these pastille burners also doubled as night lights: their windows were pierced so that the light would shine out.
When the pastille disappears [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 5 OMITTED], and if the sample does not break, the uniaxial orientation of the upper oriented zone disappears.
During the Elizabethan period, pastille burners were much larger, shaped like small urns or bowls, and made from bronze or cast iron.
Dent belongs to the category of pastilles that adults typically purchase regularly.
SIR Tom Jones has revealed he has a pioneering 19th Century Welsh surgeon and his unique throat pastilles to thank for keeping his extraordinary voice in pristine condition throughout four decades as a singing superstar.
They were intended to hold the smouldering pastille, a small compressed brick of special spices and perfumes mixed with gum Arabic, to make it stick together, and charcoal, to make it burn.
Each of these delightful examples are at the bargain end of the range, worth pounds 30-pounds 40 a Piece; The options for starting a collection are almost endless; A large, eight inch tall Staffordshire cottage pastille burner dating from about 1840.
A fertile period of R&D activity in the past year or two has led to the introduction of brand-new chemistries as well as new blends of stabilizers in free-flowing, non-dusting granule and pastille forms.
BOFFINS are getting pounds 750,000 of your money to chew over what makes a fruit pastille.
Every single Rolo and Fruit Pastille you pop in your mouth is guaranteed to have been made at the Rowntree NestlA factory in Fawdon.
The making of the pastille is a long, historical confectioners art where good results have been achieved by trial and error.
A pastille form of Irganox 1076 hindered phenolic is new from Ciba Additives Div.