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1. a composition evocative of rural life, characterized by moderate compound duple or quadruple time and sometimes a droning accompaniment
2. a musical play based on a rustic story, popular during the 16th century



in music:

(1) An opera, pantomime, or ballet having a plot that gives an idealized picture of rural life. Pastoral music, which emerged under the influence of pastoral literature, enjoyed popularity in the 17th and 18th centuries, especially at the Italian and French courts. The composers of pastoral operas included Gluck, Mozart, J.-B. Lully, and J.-P. Rameau. In the opera The Queen of Spades, Tchaikovsky re-created the pastorale “The Shepherdess’ Sincerity.” Pastoral operas were occasionally composed even in the 20th century.

(2) A vocal or instrumental work presenting scenes from nature or from rural life. Characteristic of the instrumental pastorale are a serenely flowing melodic movement, often doubled in thirds; sustained bass notes suggesting the sound of bagpipes; and 6/8 or 12/8 meter. The pastorale was sometimes included as a movement in the concerto grosso, but it was usually composed as a separate work. Among the composers of instrumental pastorales are Vivaldi, D. Scarlatti, F. Couperin, and J. S. Bach. Symphonic pastorales were composed as parts of cyclical compositions, or they were complete cycles in themselves (for example, Beethoven’s “Pastoral” Symphony).

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Questi pochi casi, in un libro cosi complesso e denso, non devono in ogni modo sminuire l'elevato valore critico dell'ammirevole tour de force tra letteratura e arti figurative di Finotti; il quale, non solo integra l'approdo del saggio di Carrara sulla pastorale italiana, ma ha anche il merito di rinnovare l'attenzione per il De Aetna di Bembo--proprio nel momento in cui appare l'edizione harvardiana de "I Tatti.
Dit gaan egter hier nie net om grond en die plaasroman--of die pastorale en anti-pastorale--nie, want vanuit die interpretasies van die enkele plaastekste wat noukeurig ontleed word, maak sy assosiasies met die politieke en sosiale geskiedenis van Suid-Afrika (spesifiek die Afrikaner: hoofsaaklik vanuit Giliomee), met verledes, antropologiee en mitologiee.
In 1524 the Tuscan explorer Giovanni da Verrazano, sailing for the French crown, was so impressed by the beauty of the North American coast that he christened it 'Arcadia,' after a prose pastorale of the same name published in 1502, a work that popularized the notion of a rural 'golden age' among the ancients," observes Yale University history professor John Mack Faragher in his book A Great And Noble Scheme.
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Pastorale and Antoinette join the French Country Collection.