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This he undoubtedly had learnt from Anna-- and then Sandford was very much like Stanley--his patch, his dress, his air--every thing about him united to confirm her impressions; and Julia, at the same time she resolved to conduct herself towards him in their journey with a proper feminine reserve, thought she could do no less to a man who submitted to so much to serve her, than to suffer him to perceive that she was not entirely insensible to the obligation.
A score and more of barefoot friars were there, and some that looked like tinkers, and some that seemed to be sturdy beggars and rustic hinds; and seated upon a mossy couch was one all clad in tattered scarlet, with a patch over one eye; and in his hand he held the golden arrow that was the prize of the great shooting match.
The grey, hot mist, the whitewashed cabin, the long, ugly potato patch, the weird, pathetic figure of that old man from whose brain the light of life had surely passed for ever.
He had relinquished his digging and, after a long, stealthy glance towards the house, had advanced to the extreme boundary of the potato patch.
We've planned to get ahead, though, and then some day we'll buy a patch of land and stay with it.
Then out rides our own little hothead with the patch over his eye, and my Lord Audley with his four Cheshire squires, and a few others of like kidney, and after them went the prince and Chandos, and then the whole throng of us, with axe and sword, for we had shot away our arrows.
Reuben Limbrick answered, "So much the worse for the neighborhood"--and persisted in calling his property, "Salt Patch.
It proved to be a great aggravation of Hester's offenses, in the eyes of Hester's relatives, when it was discovered that she possessed a life-interest in Salt Patch, and an income of two hundred a year.
The patch of light fell clear of the striped blanket, and began to cover the shawl that lay over her feet.
When I see a patch of colour, it seemed to me that the colour is not psychical, but physical, while my seeing is not physical, but psychical.
They were all flying from the beehives behind the hedge, and they disappeared over the hemp patch in the direction of the marsh.
He passes under the name of Steve Wilson, and he is lodging at Hobson's Patch.