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patina, patination

1. A greenish brown crust which forms on bronze.
2. Any thin oxide film which forms on a metal; often multicolored.
3. A film, similar in color, which forms on a material other than metal.
4. Such effects artificially induced, or imitated.
5. A green coating on the surface of copper or copper alloys that have been exposed to the atmosphere for a long time.
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These cupules are, in the main, confined to the torso region and exhibit a similar degree of patination to that of the rest of the motif.
Traditionally, patination is defined as the process of using oxidizing chemicals to color the bronze.
13) Aside from some small differences in decorative patterns, only the color of the surface patination distinguishes one piece from another.
The back is constructed of thick buffalo rawhide, virtually black in color, with a wonderfully glossy, crackled patination.
Gautier the art critic sees in this rapid patination of edifices a source of beauty that should please the viewer:
Caley in Hart, The Plate of Brass Reexamined, 32-33, commented on the artificial patination.
Latim Bust (portraying a remarkable black Sudanese man) manifests through bold lines, texture, and patination man's magisterial pride and dignity, perseverance through great hardships, yet complex underlying vulnerabilities.
Blue patination stains on the steel play off against the blue of the glass bulb.
Krauss begins with the example of Rodin, who was devoted to the general conception of the plastic arts and their possible avatars, concentrating on creating plaster models, leaving the carving of marble and enlargement of models, as well as the casting and patination of his bronzes to assistants, and accepting that a museum be dedicated displaying his bronze works after his death.
New technologies can alter copper's look, such as giving it a nickel appearance or even speeding the patination process.