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patina, patination

1. A greenish brown crust which forms on bronze.
2. Any thin oxide film which forms on a metal; often multicolored.
3. A film, similar in color, which forms on a material other than metal.
4. Such effects artificially induced, or imitated.
5. A green coating on the surface of copper or copper alloys that have been exposed to the atmosphere for a long time.
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A few hundred pounds will buy you a 200-year-old solid mahogany wine table with the most delicious colour and patination - something that couldn't be reproduced for five times the money and something that will increase in value too.
John Ruskin, one of the founding fathers of the Western heritage conservation doctrine, indicated this spirituality through materiality by relating historic memory to visible sighs of ageing and patination.
The structural coherence of the quarry pits and the lack of patination on exposed rock surfaces also indicate that it is unlikely this is an older site simply exhumed by wind erosion.
Using traditional hand skills and thermal patination, Martyn constructed the remaining components, finally assembling and finishing this finely engineered piece.
51234 12346 CRACK-RACKS 51234 12364 PATINATION 51234 12634 RERESERVES (w2) 51234 16234 FRATERNATE 51234 61234 HANDSTANDS (ch)
Be mingling crowd flowed into the den, where a russet-hued, faux-antique finish on the mantel and paneling around the fireplace received an extra soupcon of patination one year: "My husband and son decided the evergreen garland over the fireplace was dried out, so they just stuffed it into the fire," recalls McVey.
Avoiding direct imitation, stone has been used as a departure point for a number of the designs; the mineral deposits found along the Devon coastline inspired the subtle patination of Starcross, while the inland rock of England's south-west strongly influenced Hartland.
13) Aside from some small differences in decorative patterns, only the color of the surface patination distinguishes one piece from another.
The back is constructed of thick buffalo rawhide, virtually black in color, with a wonderfully glossy, crackled patination.
Gautier the art critic sees in this rapid patination of edifices a source of beauty that should please the viewer:
Caley in Hart, The Plate of Brass Reexamined, 32-33, commented on the artificial patination.