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An application management suite from BMC that uses agents to report on software activities on all the servers within the enterprise. Using the information in "knowledge modules" (KMs) about each system component, agents detect events, collect information and notify system and network administrators to take corrective action.



a reconnaissance or security element sent out by subunits and units in a combat situation.

The composition of the patrol during action in vehicles is from one tank (armored personnel carrier, combat vehicle) to a platoon; in dismounted formation it may be two or three soldiers (members of a patrol), a (patrol) squad, or a motorized rifle platoon. In addition, engineer and chemical reconnaissance patrols are sent out in the special troops. The missions of the patrol include obtaining intelligence concerning the enemy, terrain, and radiation and chemical situation and warning troops of surprise enemy attacks. The patrol carries out its missions by surveillance and combat. The distance between the patrol and the main forces depends on its composition, the assigned mission, and the combat situation. In the navy the patrol consists of individual ships or aircraft dispatched from large ship units to check whether an enemy is present.


The organized employment of aircraft to detect enemy presence in a specific area or movement across a specific line. A standing patrol is one that is airborne either over a point to be defended or on the route through which the enemy is expected to intrude.
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A fire team can be used for a patrol, but squad- and platoon-sized patrols are also appropriate at times.
Sometimes they ride on trains and catch fare violators; other times they patrol grade crossings.
Border Patrol agents have of late found themselves being prevented from patrolling beyond 50 yards of the border.
5) Estimates revealed that as many as 2,000 alcohol-impaired driving trips occur for every arrest, and, even when special drinking-driving enforcement patrols are conducted, as many as 300 trips occur for each arrest.
There is no compulsory retirement age for patrols in Coventry, providing they are medically fit and able to operate safely.
The ineffectiveness of this approach and fears raised by slave rebellions led eventually to the creation of formal slave patrols composed of white men appointed specifically for the task.
We designed BOGCOS to be an efficient tool not only to track patrol vehicles and monitor the patrol activities in the field, but also to support the decision-making process of the operation officer at incidents.
Dave Livingstone, who has worked for several years in the past on the bike patrols used to watch over shopping centers at this time of year.
For example, in some geographical areas, foot and bicycle patrols have several advantages because of terrain.
Agencies will conduct three DUI sobriety checkpoints, 24 DUI saturation patrols and 21 increased DUI patrols.
The additional funding would be used to put patrols in problem areas including Acton, Agua Dulce and Littlerock, where wide-open spaces entice off-roaders.
In Anne Arundel County, Maryland, an experiment in such integrated patrol has led to dramatically increased productivity in a midnight patrol shift and has contributed to an overall decline in crime throughout the county.