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see custard-applecustard-apple,
common name for members of the Annonaceae, a family of shrubs, woody vines, and small trees of the tropics. The custard-apples (Annona squamosa and A.
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; papayapapaya
, soft-stemmed tree (Carica papaya) of tropical America resembling a palm with a crown of palmately lobed leaves. It is cultivated for its melonlike yellow fruits eaten raw or cooked and, more recently, for the juice which has become a commercial item.
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About 50 consumed two sachets of fermented pawpaw per day for a period of 14 weeks and 78 others took two glasses of hot water each day for the same period, followed by a two-week weaning period.
Fruits and vegetables include other vegetables, coconut (fresh and dry), banana, mango, pawpaw, and other fruits.
The vulnerability of the colonised land, as it is evoked by the image of the broken pawpaw tree, as well as the protagonist's connection to the land, as revealed by her fond childhood recollection, is, in the woman's mind, intertwined with an uncle's rebuke that "[g]irls are not supposed to climb trees" (Animals, 61).
In the foreground are pawpaw and mango trees, in the middle is visible the thick mass of leaves of the treetops in the small valley, in the background, the houses opposite it.
Common shrubs include spicebush (Lindera benzoin), pawpaw (Asimina triloba), greenbriar (Smilax spp.
Fifty years from now, Alec Baldwin's grandchildren will be able to hear PawPaw calling Morn a "thoughtless little pig.
We like guava and pawpaw, pounds 13, from Space NK stores.
There are native plants that are edible, including several nut-producing trees and fruit trees like serviceberry, pawpaw and blueberries.
Other food supplements are galip and okari nuts, coconuts and tropical fruits including pawpaw, mango, pineapple and varieties of breadfruits.
Talking to people of my parent's generation or reading their memoirs, I'm struck by the reliance on backyard chooks, local dairies, rabbits brought down from up the country, vegetable gardens and backyard fruit trees (plums in Melbourne, mango and pawpaw in Cairns, figs everywhere).