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see custard-applecustard-apple,
common name for members of the Annonaceae, a family of shrubs, woody vines, and small trees of the tropics. The custard-apples (Annona squamosa and A.
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; papayapapaya
, soft-stemmed tree (Carica papaya) of tropical America resembling a palm with a crown of palmately lobed leaves. It is cultivated for its melonlike yellow fruits eaten raw or cooked and, more recently, for the juice which has become a commercial item.
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A number of my contemporaries have been brewing pawpaws.
bacon and pawpaws and drank Jamaica's famous Blue Mountain coffee.
I grew up wading through the stuff, took the poison in stride and got what I went after (raspberries, blackberries, pawpaws, persimmons, apples, etc.
And you still get the surreal experiences of Africa - cattle being herded under neon adverts, fishermen mending ancient nets while talking on mobiles, and the clash of colours from noisy markets where pawpaws grow on roofs.
Before this, I had known of pawpaws only through the folk song, "Way down Yonder in the Pawpaw Patch.
For the Low-maintenance landscape: Fruit/Nut Trees: Pawpaws American Persimmons, Hazelnuts, Beechnuts, Redbud
Other types of early soft mast that deserve at least passing mention: sumac berries, American beauty berries (French mulberries), pawpaws and mayapples.
Belfast City Council is exhibiting at Southport for the first time, with a spectacular jungle garden featuring bananas, pawpaws, star fruit and other tropical delights brought to Ireland from around the world since 1827.
She and her colleagues there have now succeeded in culturing three of these pawpaws, she reported in June at the Portland, Ore.
Pawpaws haven't been commercially successful because they have a shelf life of only three days.
If you're ever picking pawpaws, keep an eye out for this wild-looking caterpillar that may be feeding on that banana-like fruit.
The pawpaws and chestnuts will bear fruits and nuts beginning as early as 2008, Schumann says.