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A long decaying building on the summit was half buried in the high grass; the large holes in the peaked roof gaped black from afar; the jungle and the woods made a background.
The framework being so much weakened, and the inward props removed, it would have been no marvel if, in some stronger wrestle of the blast, the rotten walls of the edifice, and all the peaked roofs, had come crushing down upon the owner's head.
Newman followed the first cross-road to the right--it was bordered with mouldy cottages--and in a few moments saw before him the peaked roofs of the towers.
And yet those strange, peaked roofs and quaint, overhung gables were a fitting covering to grim and terrible intrigue.
The design reflects Sharratt's portfolio, which is filled with homes with soaring, peaked roof lines, earth tone shakes and shingles, and stone accents.
Its peaked roof made of clay tiles from Mangalore effectively kept out storms.
Brackett cast aside her original desire for a flat roof and a rooftop garden in favor of a peaked roof that stretches as high as city code allows and gives the room a 12-foot-high ceiling.
A restaurant, Todd's Place, is in a building with a yellow peaked roof.
In addition to being represented by a wooden model, the structure mentioned in the title is reiterated through the triangulated support slats of the frame, which evoke the wood-beam construction of a peaked roof as seen from below.
However, if your building is of vaulted construction and has a peaked roof, your indoor options are more limited, Hart adds.
The 13,200-square-foot facility will have a peaked roof as opposed of a flat one, and inside, it will have evidence vaults, a boardroom, a fingerprint room and several holding cells.
It needed a peaked roof, but how do you put a peaked roof on a round building?