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salmon brick

A poor quality brick that lacks weather resistance; so named because of its pink color; commonly used to fill spaces between interior structural timbers in a timber-framed house in order to provide increased structural rigidity and improved thermal insulation.
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We could see ourselves at supper there, pecking away at cold meat, and passing each other chunks of bread; we could hear the cheery clatter of our knives, the laughing voices, filling all the space, and overflowing through the opening out into the night.
Ralph wondered whether she more resembled an elephant, with a jeweled head-dress, or a superb cockatoo, balanced insecurely upon its perch, and pecking capriciously at a lump of sugar.
Outside she noticed Billina busily pecking around to secure bugs or other food for breakfast, but none of the men in the other tent seemed awake.
Yes, I know the spawn - complacently pecking at him for his Father Damien letter, analyzing him, weighing him - "
what's the chicken ruffling up her little feathers and pecking at me for?
Suddenly a very wide-awake and active fowl advanced, pecking, chirping, and scratching vigorously.