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see scallopscallop
or pecten,
marine bivalve mollusk. Like its close relative the oyster, the scallop has no siphons, the mantle being completely open, but it differs from other mollusks in that both mantle edges have a row of steely blue "eyes" (which use a mirror consisting of
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a genus of sea invertebrates, class Bivalvia. The shell is round with a straight hinge edge. The surface is covered with radial ribs fanning out from the top. The shell valves close through contraction of a single strong muscle. Young Pecten attach to seaweed or other underwater objects by means of a byssus, but mature Pecten lie freely on the bottom. Pecten are able to “leap” by forcibly ejecting a stream of water from the shell. Some types have commercial value since the muscle is used for food. The genus Pecten comprises dozens of species and has been divided into several smaller genera in recent years. P. maximus and Flexopecten glaber inhabit the Black Sea. Mizuhopecten jessoensis is found in the Seas of Japan and Okhotsk; its diameters reach 17 cm. Chlamys islandicus(up to 7.7 cm long and 8 cm high) and Propeamussium groenlandicum(up to 3.4 cm long) are found in northern seas.



Any of various comblike structures possessed by animals.
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Hind inner tibial spur pectinate with 4-6 teeth longer than wide and rounded at the tip.
First exopodal segment with pectinate membrane at base of small, outer naked spine and serrations and several sensilla along outer margin.
In comparison to 2D, 3D echo can more efficiently differentiate a clot from pectinate muscles in the LAA, which can mimic a thrombus resulting in patient mismanagement.
The synonym Ilyodrilus orientalis, from the former Lake Huleh in Palestine, was described by Cernosvitov (1938) as having only bifid chaetae in dorsal bundles; however, Brinkhurst (1971) found pectinate chaetae in the type material.
The new species also has conspicuous tarsal claws that are finely pectinate basally; within the genus, pectinate tarsal claws are otherwise present only in the East Palaearctic D.
3E,N); a single forewing exhibits a fusion of MA with R (Figs 3G,P, 4F); one forewing exhibits a pectinate fusion of RP with RA (i.
8 times length of paraglossae; 4) paraglossae with 3 rows of pectinate setae; 5) segment II of labial palp with a strong distomedial projection; 6) posterior margin of abdominal terga with pointed spines; 7) general color pattern with a distinct medial long band from head to abdomen.
Wing: Base black, basicosta grey-brown; costa setulose only basally on ventral surface, anterior surface with row of pectinate short spines, longest one equal to length of crossvein r-m; costal spine longer than crossvein r-m, radical node bare, calypters yellowish, lower about half length of upper one; halter brown-yellow.
Tarsi with pair of pectinate claws with 15 to 20 teeth and claw tufts (Fig.
Basitibial plate with all borders well-defined; inner metatibial spur pectinate, with three teeth (not including the apical extension of the rachis).