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(sometimes US), pedagog
1. a teacher or educator
2. a pedantic or dogmatic teacher



a teacher in a general-education, vocational, secondary specialized, or higher educational institution. The term also denotes preschool teachers and teachers in boarding schools, children’s homes, and educational colonies, as well as employees in extracurricular institutions and professional educators.

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The pedagogue has to find a unique approach with each dancer, whether that is compliments, encouragement of persuading them to try harder.
In this capacity, the family pedagogue was distinct from the social worker.
The dozens of sections devoted to specific theorists, pedagogues, cranks, bohemians, and serious artists will provide fascinating details and many leads for scholars working on the history of gender, women's movements, the body, urban culture, and alternative culture.
Moreover, he seems to feel that most blacks are subjected exclusively to a "banking pedagogy" in which they passively accept what is poured into their heads by non-critical pedagogues.
The goal of the NTE cell at Ecole des Mines de Douai is to increase awareness, train and support the teachers in the field of educational new technologies," said Mathieu Vermeulen, ingenieur pedagogue multimedia, Ecole des Mines de Douai.
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Unofficially, heated subjects such as the Sopot case, the pedagogue record, Macedonian language, the law on NLA were discussed.
He thought Agrippina Vaganova, the future Soviet pedagogue, was "dreadful" in The Pearl; that Pavel Gerdt, the first Desire and (Maryinsky) Siegfried was "deceitful.
Developed in the 1860s by Nikolai Il'minskii, Oriental linguist, Orthodox missionary, and pedagogue, as the surest way to counteract a perceived rise in Islamic influence among the "small," nominally baptized peoples of the Middle Volga region, the "method" was broadly (though not entirely) endorsed by the Russian government in its 1870 regulations on non-Russian primary schooling and remained, as Dowler puts it, "a powerful force in non-Russian elementary education in eastern Russia until the 1917 revolution" (p.
Not quite enlightening his students by assessing their work as "crap," the pedagogue takes action.
And once again, a welcome film followed, this time with the great pedagogue Nadia Boulanger speaking of Stravinsky's importance.
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