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an urban-type settlement in Khvoinaia Raion, Novgorod Oblast, RSFSR. The settlement is situated on the Pes’ River (Volga River basin). It has a railroad station on the Moscow-Leningrad line. It also has a logging and timber distribution establishment.



a river in Novgorod and Vologda oblasts, RSFSR, a right tributary of the Chagoda River, which is known as Chagodo-shcha in the lower reaches, where it flows in the Volga River basin. The Pes’ is 145 km long and drains an area of 2,730 sq km. It rises in Lake Rakitinskoe (area, 2.7 sq km). It is fed primarily by snow. The mean flow rate 123 km from the mouth is 6.4 cu m per sec. The Pes’ freezes in November or December, and the ice breaks up in April or early May. Timber is floated on the river.

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De este modo, la desaparicion de las dos ultimas secciones, pedes metrorum omnium y sectae philosophicae se ha suplido con las secciones correspondientes a September y October, con el consiguiente vacio a continuacion de estos dos meses.
1210 (Willelmi Articuli Londoniis Retractati [sections] 17: eruantur oculi et abscidantur pedes vel testiculi vel manus ita quod truncus remaneat virus in signum prodicionsis et nequicie sue) whereby the criminal is to have his 'eyes gouged out and his feet cut off or his testicles or hands, so that the trunk remain alive as a sign of his treachery and villainy': translation from A.
O 'co "I think Only Fools and Horses is kind of on a Hor pedes of dilute pedestal and that has kind of diluted its quality, because it is always on.
The project will preserve and promote the efficient use of existing city st reets through changes in the organization of vehicular and pedes trian traffic flows.