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(pĕm`ĭkən), a travel food of the Native North American. Slices of lean venison or buffalo meat were sun dried, pounded to a paste, and packed with melted fat in rawhide bags. Dried currants or wild berries were sometimes included in the paste. Pacific coast Native Americans used a similar fish compound.



a concentrated food consisting of briquettes made from venison or buffalo meat that has been dried and ground into powder and mixed with fat and the juice of sour berries. Pemmican originated with Indians from the northern part of North America, who stored it in rawhide bags. Given its small size and light weight, pemmican was noted for its easy assimilability and high nutritional value. The briquettes were particularly convenient for long journeys.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, venison or beef pemmican has been produced by the food industries of Canada and the United States for supplying polar expeditions. Various other food concentrates are replacing pemmican.

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The departure of the two brigades provided only a limited relief as Klyne had to forward sixty pounds of pemmican to a starving party near Yellow-head Pass which was awaiting the Caledonia Express.
This spring Marfood introduced Pemmican Organic Beef Jerky, made at its plant in Uruguay, available in Original Beef, Teriyaki and Pepper varieties.
Jack Links, Lowrey's, Oh Boy Oberto, Pemmican, Slim Jim,
The special mixture, called Pemmican, is high in protein and fat.
One family will sponsor the traditional meal with native food like beef stew, bannock bread, bulberry soup and pemmican.
James Duncan Cameron of the Nor'Westers predicted violence: "Macdonell is now determined not only to seize our pemmican, but to drive us out of the Assiniboia district and consequently out of the north west.
Today she still smokes fish, makes pemmican and teaches school children to appreciate and crave "wild food.
Backbreaking portages around rapids, the relentlessly repetitive diet of pemmican and bannock seasoned with sandflies and no-see-ums, and regular bashing against rocks necessitating repair and downtime, took their toll on crew morale.
I remember he told me that he had cut the top off his thumb while chopping frozen pemmican (a cake of dried meat) but as it was so cold he had stuck it back on and it healed leaving no scar.
His daughter recently donated papers and memorabilia including binoculars, glass lantern slides on the Antarctic and wax cans of pemmican, a dried meat, taken on his expeditions.
in English from UCLA, has been publishing poetry in literary journals for well over 20 years, appearing in Response, California Quarterly, and Pemmican.
While it is heartening to learn that the modern mainstream is learning the value of mixing tart fruits and meats, it's something of a letdown to find that this "novel" antioxidant has been patented, given that Indians subsisted for centuries on fruited pemmican.