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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Sometimes spelled pantacle. The pentacle originally had the same meaning as pentagram but has come to mean a circular wooden or metal plate engraved with magical symbols (usually including a pentagram) and used in magical rituals.

A Gardnerian Wiccan pentacle is made of copper and engraved with the three degree symbols, plus those for the salute (kiss) and scourge, and for the god and goddess. Other traditions may incorporate different symbols and may use silver or wooden pentacles.

In ceremonial magic, a pentacle is frequently a protective talisman incorporating the design of a pentagram together with various words and names of power.


In Gothic tracery a five-pointed star motif with a pentagon in the center.
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But because the pentacle was not on the VA's "approved list," it would not appear on Sgt.
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to approve the pentacle for use on government-issued headstones and memorial plaques.
Gallery artists (such as Creach/Company, Isadora Duncan Dance, Maureen Fleming, and Headlong Dance Theater) pay Pentacle a flat fee and get exposure through association--by having their materials on Pentacle's table at conferences, for instance.
Stewart's marker still remained unfilled, even though Nevada officials announced in September that they would sidestep the VA and provide a marker engraved with a pentacle.
Her situation came to a head when she was told that she could only have a plaque for her husband at the Nevada military memorial without a pentacle.
In a June 7 letter to officials at the veterans department, Americans United requested that Stewart's widow be permitted to place the pentacle on her husband's marker and that the department extend that same right to other Wiccan families.
The company is now represented by Pentacle of New York City, which will enlarge its national and international touring.
PM has bankrolled commissioning projects which, in addition to the Diamond Project, include the National Dance Repertory Enrichment Program administered by Pentacle.
Not being familiar with the Queen of Pentacles myself, I asked Vega--who, incidentally, is one of the nicest, most unpretentious people you'll ever meet--to give me the lowdown on this mystery lady.
After seven years, the wait is over, and though the album's title is a little unruly, the 10 tracks on Tales from the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles are perfectly Vega, combining clever aphorisms in songs like "Don't Uncork What You Can't Contain" with soulful prayers in the song "Silver Bridge"--"My heart is full today for the recently departed.
SUZANNE VEGA Tales From The Realm Of The Queen Of Pentacles SUZANNE Vega has spent much of the past five years re-recording notable songs from her back catalogue which, although pleasant enough, left fans wondering when original new material would be on its way.