Peppermint Oil

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peppermint oil

[′pep·ər‚mint ‚ȯil]

Peppermint Oil


a natural essential oil obtained by distilling the flowers and green parts of the peppermint plant (Mentha piperita) with aqueous steam. The colorless fluid has a strong peppermint aroma and a bitter, refreshing flavor. Its density at 20°C is 0.900–0.910 g/cm3; it dissolves readily in alcohol. Peppermint oil is made up of about 100 components, the principal ones being /-menthol (up to 50 percent), menthone (approximately 25 percent), menthyl acetate, and cineole. The oil has antiseptic, anesthetic, and vasodilating properties. It is used for aromatizing candies, cakes, beverages, tobacco, toothpaste, and elixirs.

Mint oils from other species of mint, such as Mentha arvensis, serve as the principal sources of natural menthol.

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Peppermint oil stimulates, while sunflower oil works to improve moisture retention.
Recently, Alex Ford, a McMaster University researcher, concluded that instead of popular over-the counter drugs, peppermint oil should be the first line of defence against IBS.
5 oil) Peppermint oil (HallStar) (Mentha piperita oil) 1
The new soap combines the power of Tea Tree Oil with the fresh scent of American grown Peppermint Oil to deliver an alternative to petrochemical-based germ fighting products prevalent in the marketplace.
If your doctor has confirmed you have IBS, you can use a peppermint oil-based treatment such as COLPERMIN[R] IBS Relief Capsules, which is the most targeted peppermint oil treatment available and works as an antispasmodic, helping to relieve common IBS symptoms.
Those products range from barley to peppermint oil, from Christmas trees to cranberries.
The traditional peppermint extraction technique, steam distillation, produces a thermally degraded peppermint oil extract.
4) Brett Jatrinski, 10, wipes his burning eyes as the pure peppermint oil added to the hot candy cane mixture creates an intensely mentholated environment.
Add a drop of peppermint oil to herbal tea to aid in digestion.
So far no study that shows the reduced incidence of ascite syndrome subsequent peppermint oil consumption and there is no source in peppermint oil efficiency in controlling the occurrence of ascite thus this study is a newly work.