peregrine falcon

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peregrine falcon:

see falconfalcon,
common name for members of the Falconidae, a heterogeneous family of long-winged birds of prey similar to the hawks but genetically more closely related to the parrots and other birds.
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Peregrine Falcon


(Falco peregrinus), a bird of the order Falconiformes having a body length of 40–50 cm and a weight of 500–1,000 g. The females are larger than the males. The cap is slate-blue or reddish yellow; the back ranges in color from light slate-blue to almost black. The underparts are mottled—with small, sparse markings or large markings that almost merge into one another. The wings are long and pointed.

The peregrine falcon is widely distributed; it is absent in Antarctica and most of South America. In the USSR the bird’s range extends from the tundra to the southern borders; during migrations the bird enters the lowland steppes. The peregrine falcon nests in trees (occupying the former nests of other birds), on rocky ledges, on the ground, or, occasionally, in buildings (towers, belfries). A clutch contains three or four brick-brown eggs, which are incubated for 28 days. The young leave the nest in five or six weeks. The peregrine falcon preys mainly on birds, which it seizes in the air. It dives at velocities reaching 70–100 m per sec.

In some places the peregrine falcon is used as a hunting bird. The species is becoming rare. In the United States, where the bird has disappeared from the eastern states, attempts are being made to raise the peregrine falcon in captivity to restore the population.

peregrine falcon

a falcon, Falco peregrinus, occurring in most parts of the world, having a dark plumage on the back and wings and lighter underparts
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Even so, this discovery constitutes the first record of a peregrine falcon nesting in Travis County, Texas; the farthest east nesting record of peregrine falcon for the state of Texas; the first documented peregrine falcon nesting record on a manmade structure in Texas; and the first documented peregrine falcon nesting record east of the Trans-Pecos region in Texas in over 100 y.
3 km) was between a Peregrine Falcon nest containing three downy nestlings and a Golden Eagle stick nest.
Peregrine falcons are the world's most widespread bird of prey, living in ecosystems as diverse as Arctic tundra, sweltering desert, and even the skyscrapers of major cities.
Based on the behaviors we observed, the eechup vocalization (the slower type of eechup used in mutual displays) of an intruding female Peregrine Falcon nearly always triggered territorial defensive behavior, seemingly at any distance as long as the call was heard by the resident female.
The problem drove bald eagles, our national symbol, not to mention peregrine falcons and other bird populations, to the brink of extinction, with populations plummeting more than 80 percent.
Peregrine falcons are notoriously aggressive around their eyries (or nest sites) during the breeding season, and the longtime resident female here had a reputation for being particularly unfriendly at our annual visits.
The spokesman said that there were no poultry farms within three km of where the dead peregrine falcon was found, but four chicken farms are within three km of where the dead black-headed gull was found.
FEELING BETTER: The chick in its temporary home FAMILY: The now fit and well peregrine falcon chick (front right) with its new family in Scotland HELPING HAND: The peregrine chick recovering from an anaesthetic
Live streaming video of the peregrine falcon nest is available at http://ornithologie.
Washington, January 21 (ANI): A new research has found that the average Pacific dunlin has lost weight and spends more time in flight as a response to the increased threat of predation from their arch-enemy, the peregrine falcon.
Seagull seeker: Peregrine Falcon Bella and handler Graham Rees.
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