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(computer science)
A subroutine in the COBOL programming language that allows a portion of a program to be executed on command by other portions of the same program.


A COBOL statement used for executing "paragraphs".

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This is a way they can brush up on their technique so that when they go back to their regular studio they'll be able to perform even better.
As a general rule of thumb, the recovery time is two to three times the amount of time it takes to perform the backup.
SAS 104 replaces the above with "while exercising due professional care, the auditor must plan and perform the audit to obtain sufficient appropriate evidence so that audit risk will be limited to a low level.
Peer reviews of firms that perform only compilation engagements under SSARS where the firm has compiled financial statements that omit substantially all disclosures are called report reviews.
Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company, the Ninth Circuit addressed this issue and ruled that a disabled chiropractor was entitled to total disability benefits even though she continued to perform clerical duties associated with her chiropractic business.
Your aquatics staff--whether canoeing, water skiing, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing instructors, or other instructors--need to perform these rescues and emergency procedures in an aquatic environment similar to where they will be working.
You will undoubtedly have some athletes who cannot perform very many, if any, positive (raising) reps.
At this point, the information learned from this evaluation was combined with the information obtained preoperatively, and the decision was then made to perform either a complete or partial adenoidectomy.
Because an individual retained by a former employer will ordinarily be retained to perform services substantially similar to the services performed while an employee, this requirement will seldom be met.
In a similar fashion, 5 percent of medical staff members usually perform 95 percent of the quality assurance activities.
The most feasible approach is to perform a job analysis on each position, write a detailed job description that is not biased against the disabled, develop a method to assess individuals in the essential skills and develop a system to assess the individuals on the job.
The younger sister of ``Newleyweds'' star Jessica Simpson will perform on Aug.