performance rating

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performance rating

[pər′fȯr·məns ‚rād·iŋ]
(industrial engineering)

Performance rating

A procedure for determining the value for a factor which will adjust the measured time for an observed task performance to a task time that one would expect of a trained operator performing the task, utilizing the approved method and performing at normal pace under specified workplace conditions. Normal time (ultimately subjectively based) is the time that a trained worker requires to perform the specified task under defined workplace conditions, employing the assumed philosophy of “a fair day's work for a fair day's pay.”

The performance rating process is concerned with determining normal pace during the work portion of an average day and must, therefore, consider the fatigue recovery aspects of allowance (nonwork) times occurring during the day. The following two equations relate factors in determining how much time a worker will be allowed per unit of output: If the observed time for a task is adjusted by the performance rating factor to determine normal time, and allowance time is added for nonwork time, the standard time will represent the allowed time per unit of production.

The most commonly employed rating technique throughout the history of stopwatch time study, including the present, is referred to as pace rating. A properly trained employee of average skill is time-studied while performing the approved task method under specified work conditions. Rating consists only of determining the relative pace (speed) of the operator in relation to the observer's concept of what normal pace should be for the observed task, including consideration of expected allowances to be applied to the standard. See Human-factors engineering, Methods engineering, Work measurement

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As far as the government's Performance on Creating Inter-Provincial Harmony is concerned the survey showed that the Positive Performance Ratings achieved by the Federal Government on the subject are 59% while Negative Ratings are 35%.
Likewise, 54 per cent people gave positive performance rating to the Federal Government in dealing with the problem of corruption.
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As well as current master ratings for each team, we store performance ratings for each team in every match.
Rating Modifiers are assigned to Best's Ratings and Financial Performance Ratings to identify companies whose rating opinions are Under Review (u) and may be subject to near-term change; or Qualified (q) which may be assigned to HMOs, Canadian insurers and U.
The Summer 1993 Edition of the AIM Technology UNIX System Price Performance Guide reports a PowerFrame ES5000 AIM performance rating of 125.
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