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In support of this proposition, Bommer, Dierdorff, and Rubin (2007) showed that the influence of employee OCB on performance ratings changed as the distinctiveness of OCB varies.
Recommendation: To better ensure that the Dashboard provides accurate cost and schedule performance ratings, the Secretary of the Department of Transportation should direct the CIO to work with Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast officials to comply with OMB's guidance on updating investment cost and schedule data on the Dashboard at least monthly.
Comparative analysis of the reliability of job performance ratings.
Hypothesis 1: Conscientiousness, extraversion, and emotional stability will be positively related to performance ratings.
Wells Fargo has indicated that WFHM had received the highest servicing performance rating from Freddie Mac, based on the company's default performance and the effectiveness of its loss mitigation efforts, and that Fannie Mae had recognized WFHM for good performance on defaults and loss mitigation.
This may hold true for gender: many field studies have found that women receive higher performance ratings than men (e.
Metro Manila and the rest of Luzon showed the largest drop in the President's trust and performance ratings, as well as among poor respondents, said Pulse Asia research director Ana Maria Tabunda.
The NHS Performance Ratings have four categories, from three stars at the top down to zero.
mid-table - Premiership teams like Newcastle and Tottenham played at a neutral venue and drew, each would get a performance rating of 100.
The purpose of the present study is to investigate in both a complex organizational simulation and a real organizational setting how raters' negative and positive mood predispositions are related to their performance ratings of others.
7) All the insured depository institutions controlled by Peoples received "outstanding" or "satisfactory" CRA performance ratings in their most recent CRA examination by their primary federal supervisor: Family Bank, FSB, Haverhill, Massachusetts ("Family FSB"), received an "outstanding" rating from the Office of Thrift Supervision ("OTS"), as of July 28, 1997; Peoples Heritage Savings Bank, Portland, Maine, received an "outstanding" rating from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ("FDIC"), as of April 8, 1996; and Bank of New Hampshire received a "satisfactory" rating from the FDIC, as of January 17, 1995.
The Performance Monitor research included client-based performance ratings for new application development, existing application enhancement, application maintenance, and application consolidation engagements.

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