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The stylochronometric analyses thus help us reassess certain critical commonplaces and prompt us to keep questioning not just our periodizations, but also our urge to periodize tout court.
Particularly questionable are attempts to periodize on the basis of style, and for reasons that most readers of this review will have already surmised by now: the "appropriation of 'low' cultural forms into 'high'" as an attempt to breach the "great divide" between the two levels (Taylor, p.
Although it is difficult to periodize Kaprow's work, by the early '70s his emphasis had shifted from large-scale happenings to more intimate works--which he termed "activities" and then "environments--that dispensed with large casts, and could be experienced by a couple, or solo.
The absence of Foucault diminishes the politics within the book, makes monomania objective (talking of 'monomaniacs' as though they were recognizable), and does not periodize monomania as a nineteenth-century way of representing certain types who have been isolated as such.
Part of the response might lie in reflecting on how some of the finest recent scholarship has chosen to periodize a writer who came to greater prominence than ever before in the months leading up to Victoria's accession to the throne and who died some fourteen years before Stedman published Victorian Poets.
No specific date is given to help periodize this behavior.
With these preliminaries out of the way, I can periodize the response of Alabama's white Baptists to international affairs between 1920 and 1950.
This more contingent, social constructionist view raises questions not just about structure and agency, but also about whether we can periodize institutional history, and whether change is a continuous, piecemeal process or a discontin uous event driven by ruptures and systemic reconfigurations.
Fischer tried to periodize this development according to the main influences Kant was exposed to.
Despite a stimulating attempt to compress and periodize political theory and practice, this book suffers from several difficulties.
As part of the agreement, Diamyd received an upfront payment of USD 45 million during the summer, which we periodize until the 15-month-long study period in the European trial is finished.