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Pathol an inflammation of the fingers, toes, or ears, caused by prolonged exposure to moisture and cold



a special form of frostbite in which the skin is injured by prolonged and repeated exposure to cold and dampness. Chilblain usually affects the nose, cheeks, hands, and ears; less commonly, it affects the feet, legs, and buttocks. It is characterized by limited or diffuse, reddish cyanotic patches that are swollen, hardened, cold to the touch, and painful when pressed. Chilblain is usually accompanied by an itching, burning sensation; pain arises if the affected area is warmed rapidly.

Acute forms of chilblain are distinguished from chronic forms, which are recurrent. The victim’s physiology and age influence the development of chilblain. The time of year is also a factor. Most cases occur in the spring and fall, usually affecting weakened persons, children, adolescents, and the elderly. Anemia, a poor diet, and vitamin deficiency, as well as nervous disorders, chronic infections, and poisonings, are conducive to the development of chilblain.

Treatment includes warm baths, massage, and rubbing with camphor spirit, as well as the application of iodine tinctures and the use of ultraviolet radiation. Fissures and ulcerations are treated with ointment dressings and by soaking in a potassium permanganate solution. Chilblain can be prevented by protecting exposed parts of the body against cold and dampness and by observing a healthy diet. Vitamins and preparations containing calcium, iron, and arsenic are also helpful.


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La prevencion del eritema pernio idiopatico se basa en evitar ambientes frios y cambios bruscos de temperatura.
Sarkoidoz spesifik deri lezyon tiplerinin dagilimi plak (12), nodul (10), papul (6), lupus pernio (4), makulopapul (1) seklindeydi ve lezyonlarin en cok yerlestigi alanlar bas-boyun bolgesi idi.
One could be skeptical about a single report of AGEP associated with Ritalin, he acknowledged, but in the case of pernio and stimulants, "'I've now had three cases of kids who developed this reaction to stimulant therapy," he said.
This patient's pernio may have been triggered by recent stormy winter weather; being from within San Diego County, he had no exposure to snow.
Las lesiones cutaneas suelen presentarse mas en el genero femenino y manifestaciones clinicas como el lupus pernio, nodulos, placas, lesiones psoriasiformes y el compromiso ungular tienen una mayor frecuencia en pacientes afroamericanos, mientras que el eritema nodoso, por otra parte, es frecuente en escandinavos, y tiene una baja prevalencia en japoneses (8,9).
Pernio is an abnormal inflammatory response to moisture and cold.
2 Specific lesions include papules maculopapules plaques nodules lupus pernio scar sarcoid ulcerative lesions hypopigmentation and many others.
Specific cutaneous lesions present as macules, papules, nodules, plaque, subcutaneous nodules, infiltrative scars, and lupus pernio (3).
Sundugumuz bu derlemede kalsiyum kanal blokerlerinin Raynaud fenomeni, pernio, kronik anal fissur, vulvodini, keloidler ve yanik izleri, kalsinozis kutis, leiomiyom gibi cesitli dermatolojik hastaliklarin tedavilerindeki kullanimlari degerlendirilecektir.
Skin involvement in sarcoidosis is manifested most commonly by erythema nodosum (nodular panniculitis) and lupus pernio (violaceous papules and plaques).
2) Lupus pernio (violaceous macules on the face) and flesh-colored papules near the eyes and/or nose may also be seen.