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an urban-type settlement in Khvoinaia Raion, Novgorod Oblast, RSFSR. The settlement is situated on the Pes’ River (Volga River basin). It has a railroad station on the Moscow-Leningrad line. It also has a logging and timber distribution establishment.



a river in Novgorod and Vologda oblasts, RSFSR, a right tributary of the Chagoda River, which is known as Chagodo-shcha in the lower reaches, where it flows in the Volga River basin. The Pes’ is 145 km long and drains an area of 2,730 sq km. It rises in Lake Rakitinskoe (area, 2.7 sq km). It is fed primarily by snow. The mean flow rate 123 km from the mouth is 6.4 cu m per sec. The Pes’ freezes in November or December, and the ice breaks up in April or early May. Timber is floated on the river.

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Inspection and gait assessment results (n=318) Yes No Total n % n % n % Pes planus 76 23.
A satisfactory system, using previously reported techniques, for diagnosing mobile pes planus.
In addition to these common oro-cutaneous features; other features like acro-osteolysis, onychogryphosis, arachnodactyly, pes planus and acro-osteolysis are only present in HMS.
En sik gorulen ayak anomalileri pes planus ve halluks valgus, en sik gorulen el anomalileri Kirner deformitesi ve klinodaktili olmustur.
The patient's pes planus with mild heel eversion and overpronation contributed to added tensile stresses on the plantar fascia.
The condition of pes planus may be helped by an orthosis.
I also remember large water-filled footbaths with conduction plates in the bottom on which clients would place their feet to have electrical currents passed through them to cure pes planus (apparently).
The foot should be examined for pes planus, hypermobility of the first ray, Achilles tendon contracture, and MTP joint mobility, which have all been implicated, but not necessarily established, as risk factors for hallux valgus formation.
Ayagin medial longitudinal ark (MLA) yuksekliginin azalmasi veya tamamen kaybolmasi pes planus olarak tanimlanir (1-3).
Pes planus, pes cavus, dizde artmis Q acisi, asiri ayak pronasyonu, bacak uzunluk farki, asiri eklem hiper- mobilitesi gibi anatomik etkenler de yaralanma nedenleri arasinda olup, spora ilk baslama lisans muayenelerinde saptanarak, gerekli tedaviye alinmalidir (9).