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1. a former German monetary unit worth one hundredth of a Deutschmark
2. (formerly) a monetary unit worth one hundredth of an East German ostmark



a German coin used for small change; it first appeared during the eighth century.

After the introduction of the mark as the standard monetary unit of Germany in 1871, the pfennig was equal to 1/100 of a mark. It was minted of silver, bronze, and nickel. With the proclamation of the reichsmark as the monetary unit in 1924, the pfennig acquired the name “reichspfennig”; it was minted of bronze. In 1948, after a separate monetary reform in West Germany and a monetary reform in East Germany in response, all the old pfennigs were taken out of circulation. New pfennigs were turned out that were equal, respectively, to 1/100 of the mark of the German Democratic Republic and were minted of aluminum and to 1/100 of the mark of the Federal Republic of Germany and were minted of copper and iron.

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Generally, no more than one cannibal is produced per aquarium, regardless of the number of larvae occupying the tank (Collins and Cheek 1983, Pfennig and Collins 1993; E.
The expected probability that a larva in each mixed sibship group would become a carnivore morph was calculated from the observed probabilities in the constituent pure sibship groups (see Pfennig and Collins 1993).
A tendency for neighbors to be mcre highly related may arise through philopatry (Eberhard, 1972; Pfennig and Reeve, 1989), although direct genetic evidence has been lacking.
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