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1. a former German monetary unit worth one hundredth of a Deutschmark
2. (formerly) a monetary unit worth one hundredth of an East German ostmark



a German coin used for small change; it first appeared during the eighth century.

After the introduction of the mark as the standard monetary unit of Germany in 1871, the pfennig was equal to 1/100 of a mark. It was minted of silver, bronze, and nickel. With the proclamation of the reichsmark as the monetary unit in 1924, the pfennig acquired the name “reichspfennig”; it was minted of bronze. In 1948, after a separate monetary reform in West Germany and a monetary reform in East Germany in response, all the old pfennigs were taken out of circulation. New pfennigs were turned out that were equal, respectively, to 1/100 of the mark of the German Democratic Republic and were minted of aluminum and to 1/100 of the mark of the Federal Republic of Germany and were minted of copper and iron.

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In particular, on June 7, when it was reported that May employment rose well above expectations, the dollar rose almost two pfennigs on the day to close at DM 1.
Darrell Vasquez of Cal Poly won by default over Pfennigs, who was held out of the finals because of a hamstring injury, and Stevenson dropped a 4-1 decision to Stanford's top-seeded Tanner Gardner.
DT planned to introduce on April 1 a combined per-minute access and call charge of 6 pfennigs ($0.
Thus, the Beavers sat 20th-ranked 141-pounder Kyle Larsen and 133-pounder Bobby Pfennigs, who is 21-6.
Most replies to the inquiry had been sent in last month before BMW's decision to rid itself of Longbridge became known, but optimism in the region took a marked turn for the worse in the early months of this year as the pound rose against the euro by the equivalent of 11 pfennigs to 3.
Telepassport's grievance is related to Telekom's April 1 price cuts that lowered its long-distance rate to six pfennigs per minutes for calls after 9 p.
The two companies say that users will pay only the cost of call connection, charged at 14 pfennigs per minute peak times and 10 pfennigs off-peak (roughly $0.
Ty Watterson (heavyweight) and Bobby Pfennigs (133) won their seventh consecutive matches for the Beavers, who also got victories from Eric Stevenson (125) and Kyle Bressler (184).
0062 pfennigs still closed over the crucial threshold, at 3.
Under pricing changes due to take effect on April 1, T-Online users would pay only six pfennigs per minute for the service - combining both per-minute charges for access to T-Online and the per-minute charge for the phone call to reach T-Online.
Bobby Pfennigs (133) and Brett Arand (165) each had a pin and a decision on the day for the Beavers while 18th-ranked Jeremy Larson (174), Kyle Bressler (184) and Travis Gardner (197) also posted double wins.
The pound fell the equivalent of five pfennigs but remains at a hefty 3.