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(less commonly), pharmaceutist
a person qualified to prepare and dispense drugs



a highly skilled dispenser of drugs. In the USSR, pharmacists must complete a higher medical education.

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Consumers must be vigilant about what they're getting from their pharmacist.
A number of courts have held that a pharmacist has no duty to warn of potential harmful side effects of medicines dispensed.
Moreover, the pharmacist was concerned that the patient, thinking the medication effective, would be less likely to obtain appropriate medical care.
Rite Aid's pharmacists are our greatest asset, and this contest is a unique way to celebrate their commitment to customer service," said Dan Miller, Rite Aid senior vice president of pharmacy and a pharmacist himself for 32 years.
They urged the Punjab government to appint one pharmacist on every medical store and pharmacy for one shift, so that the quality medicines will be provided to the patients like the whole world.
The Homer case held that a pharmacist may have an additional duty to warn and to monitor.
Under new changes to ACT health regulations announced today, trained pharmacists will now be able to administer flu vaccines at community pharmacy sites across Canberra.
While Maria Bizecki believes the new agreement is a victory, Michael Izzotti of Pharmacists for Life Canada has some reservations.
The two pharmacists organizations believe that a state sanctioned importation program is a dangerous health policy that could have serious ramifications for U.
One of the primary messages that pharmacists, such as Hart and Lemchen, have worked to deliver to state and national lawmakers is that continued cuts to reimbursement will diminish pharmacists' ability to perform their core patient- centered functions.
The increase in the education requirement--part of a nationwide professionalization drive--is directly responsible for the sudden pharmacist shortage.
The pharmacist is no longer simply a dispenser of drugs, and the pharmacy itself has become a health care center," said Jon Roth, CEO of the California Pharmacists Association.