philosopher's stone

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philosopher's stone:

see alchemyalchemy
, ancient art of obscure origin that sought to transform base metals (e.g., lead) into silver and gold; forerunner of the science of chemistry. Some scholars hold that it was first practiced in early Egypt and others that it arose in China (in the 5th or 3d cent. B.C.
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Philosopher’s Stone

substance supposed to convert base metal to gold. [Medieval Legend: Brewer Dictionary, 829]
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Twenty years after the world was first introduced to the schoolboy wizard, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is being printed by small publishers Itchy Coo, and is the 80th translation of the first book in a series that has sold more than 450 million copies worldwide.
Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and, left, Durham Cathedral
New Writing North, which runs Durham Book Festival for Durham County Council, says in the festival programme: "The release of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was met with unprecedented success in children's literature and signalled the beginning of a phenomenon that continues to inspire new generations of readers worldwide.
What is the number of the vault the Philosopher's Stone is kept in at Gringotts?
He also chose in the end to protect the philosopher's stone even if cost him his life.
On August 30, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone will be screened at Alnwick Castle and a second Potter film, to be chosen by the general public, will be shown on August 31.
ONLY 500 first editions of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone were published in 1997, 300 of which disappeared into the British library system.
The House Editions of HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE are out on Thursday
Soon, they realize that the last piece to assemble the philosopher's stone might be hidden in the most obvious of places.
But it feels like the country is still in the grip of Pottermania nearly 20 years after The Philosopher's Stone first hit the shelves.
Independent publishing house Bloomsbury revealed on Thursday that it will release Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone Illustrated Edition by JK Rowling, which will be fully illustrated by Jim Kay.