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A broad, flat petiole that replaces the blade of a foliage leaf.
(invertebrate zoology)
A petal-shaped group of ambulacra near the mouth of certain echinoderms.



a petiole that is broadened in the shape of a leaf and fulfills the functions of the leaf blade, which is absent or partially reduced. Phyllodes are present in many Australian acacias and in some Australian cassias. Phyllodes characterize a number of plants that grow in the USSR, including Lathyrus missolia. Phyllodes apparently serve as an adaptation to a decrease in transpiration.

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Water relations of compound leaves and phyllodes in Acacia koa var.
Cystosarcoma phyllodes of the breast may occur in women of any age group from puberty to menopause.
Primary osteosarcoma of the breast is a rare and aggressive malignancy that should be differentiated from two other similar tumors: metaplastic carcinoma and cystosarcoma phyllodes.
Four remaining cases were later found as one cyst, one FCD and two phyllodes tumour.
Hormone receptor gene and oncogene expressions are extremely low in MBC, which may occasionally emerge from underlying fibroadenoma or phyllodes tumor.
Table 1: Frequency of FNA diagnosis of 1,000 breast lesions in various age groups Breast lesions Age (years) 16-20 21-30 31-40 Inflammatory Acute mastitis 3 26 8 diseases Chronic granulomatous 4 7 9 (n = 159) mastitis Tubercular mastitis 1 4 3 Benign Fibroadenoma 108 327 3 lesion Lactating adenoma 4 26 6 (n = 573) Fibrocystic change - 5 19 Fibroadenosis 12 17 1 Gynecomastia 5 6 Galactocele 1 2 3 Benign phyllodes 2 1 Organized hematoma 2 2 1 Malignant Duct carcinoma 7 lesion Mucinous carcinoma (n = 268) Papillary carcinoma Medullary carcinoma Lobular carcinoma Metastasis Total Breast lesions Age (years) Total ?
Phyllodes tumor (PT) is a relatively rare biphasic breast tumor that accounts for only 0.
As PASH may occasionally adopt a solid fascicular growth pattern, it can be confused with pure mesenchymal spindle cell lesions (myofibroblastoma; leiomyoma; and fibromatosis) or fibroepithelial lesions (fibroadenoma; hamartoma; and phyllodes tumors) containing a spindle cell component [11,12].
These findings were very similar to a phyllodes tumor of the breast.
13) The main histologic differential diagnoses for DFSP are metaplastic carcinoma, fibromatosis, myoepithelioma, and Phyllodes tumor.