phytolacca americana

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Phytolacca americana

[‚fīd·ō‚lak·ə ə‚mer·ə′kän·ə]
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WARNING- POISONOUS RAW ! Poisonous raw, but powerful healer when used right. Poke contains a compound, known as poke activating factor (PAF), which is structurally similar to interferon. PAF also functions like interferon, but unlike pharmaceutical interferons, PAF is not tissue specific. Therefore PAF works on multiple tissues, including the liver. but note it can be dangerous at higher levels. WARNING- all parts of this plant are poisonous if eaten raw. Boil the young leaves and stems at least twice or three times, throwing away the water from each boiling. The dark shiny berries are also edible if cooked. Do not eat the roots, they are poisonous, or any of the plant if red or purple is anywhere on the plant. Also only eat young leaves, not old ones. Know what you are doing with this plant!
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05) less likely to be taken when it occurred with Viburnum acerifolium than when it occurred with either of the other small-seeded species, Rubus allegheniensis or Phytolacca americana.
For gap colonizers Rubus allegheniensis and Phytolacca americana, this means that the habitat where seeds are more likely to escape predation is not the habitat where most seeds are produced.
Species with peak dispersal later in the autumn, such as Phytolacca americana, may thus experience less post-dispersal predation than those dispersing earlier.