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(US), pickax
a large pick or mattock


(design engineering)
A pointed steel or iron tool mounted on a wooden handle and used for breaking earth and stone.


A hand tool used for loosening and breaking up closely compacted soil and rock; consists of a steel head which usually is curved, with a point on one or both ends, mounted on a wooden handle.
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A former tour guide in the once-popular tourist destination said: "They came with pickaxes and broke the door.
Brendan Monagle from the Inishowen Co-op told the Irish Daily Mirror: "We sold out of shafts for pickaxes and billhooks.
in Hart, Texas - a factory farm which rears nearly 10,000 calves for use on dairy farms - MFA's investigator documented workers bashing in the skulls of calves with hammers and pickaxes, dragging them by their ears, standing on their necks, burning them, and neglecting them to die without proper veterinary care.
Rescue workers used metal cutters, hydraulic lifters and pickaxes to clear the ruins of the Basmanny market and knelt down to shout into the holes in search of survivors.
Yes, we have what we call our QI elves that mine away with tiny golden pickaxes in the quarries of information.
Army troops carved 136 years ago with pickaxes and shovels.
STAFF and customers who were terrorised by masked raiders wielding shotguns and pickaxes have spoken out about their experience.
A spokesman for the Garda Club said: "It looks like they used pickaxes or spades - eight greens were affected.
There's a Serbian police headquarters where it was routine to interrogate witnesses with baseball bats, chains and pickaxes.
The gang spent six hours hacking away with pickaxes and spades, making a 10ft passage through FIVE cellar walls.
The group went to play in a tree fort and brought small pickaxes to chisel rocks out of the hillside that they could toss at an abandoned car.
But since the deposits were mentioned in publicity for the resort, robbers using pickaxes and even petrol-driven saws have almost emptied the cliffs of their gold-bearing ore.