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general term for fruits or vegetables preserved in vinegar or brine, usually with spices or sugar or both. Vegetables commonly pickled include the beet, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, olive, onion, pepper, and tomato. Mixed pickles include piccalilli, chowchow, mustard pickles, and chutney. Dill pickles are cucumbers matured in a brine of dill leaves and seed heads. Sweet pickles are made from various fruits or vegetables—e.g., tomatoes, cucumbers, peaches, or plums—with sugar added. Pickles have limited nutritional value and are often used as appetizers. Before the invention of refrigeration they served as a sort of winter substitute for salads. Cucumbers, the most commonly pickled of all vegetables, are placed underripe in 10% brine, allowed to undergo a lactic acid fermentation, soaked in hot water to remove excess salt, and then covered with vinegar and other ingredients. In a wider sense, a pickle is an acid or saline liquid, such as brine or saltpeter for meat, limewater or water glass for eggs, brandy for fruit, or alcohol for laboratory specimens.



a vegetable marinated in vinegar and spices, which is served as a relish with meat and fish dishes. Pickles with an acetic acid content of 0.6-1.2 percent are pasteurized at 85°C to prevent them from spoiling during storage. Pickles with an acetic acid content of 1.2-1.8 percent are prepared without pasteurization in barrels and other unhermetically sealed containers, but the storage temperature should not exceed 6°C (usual temperature 2°C).

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Place the cut flowers and leaves around the pickle jar.
According to Meng, the local pickle paradigm has French and Chinese influences - particularly from the Teochew people who made contact with Cambodia centuries ago.
You could pickle four or five hides at a time with 20 gallons of pickling solution in a 32-gallon container.
In another scene, Pickle Rick comes face-to-face with a rat, which he defeats before taking its brain.
According to official sources, a special team, led by Assistant Commissioner Tariq Hussain Bhatti, conducted a raid at pickle factory titled Mix and SB Food, near Pul Rango, Kabirwala and found 80 ton substandard pickle in the factory.
One unintentional benefit of these wooden pickle barrels was a kind of olfactory come-on.
Cucumber pickles are the most popular variety globally, followed by olive pickles.
If you follow my master recipe and variations below, you'll be able to pickle just about any veg you like.
Pickling isn't limited to cucumbers--you can pickle almost any food, including green beans, beets, peppers, and cabbage (sauerkraut.
That blossomed into her Boat Street Pickle line, known for its unusual flavors and now distributed across the country.
John Bass, the new US ambassador to Turkey, to study Turkey's pickle culture, which has a lot to do with the political culture here.
By the mid-1990s, there had not been a foodborne-illness outbreak traced to commercial pickle production in 50 years, and the basic practices that producers were following had long been considered acceptable.