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The relation between the lowering of the piezometric surface and the rate and duration of discharge of a well using groundwater storage.
Kohtla and Tammiku mines were typical shallow mines in the central part of the lowering of the piezometric surface.
The flux through the bottom of the mesh was determined by matching the observed groundwater levels measured in piezometers located 10 and 90 m from the drain with the elevation of the piezometric surface calculated by FEMWATER.
The piezometric surface (groundwater table) of the Galena Aquifer is intersected by the stream in this reach, and groundwater discharges into the stream from the bedrock units (Libra et al.
Since increased recharge to the deep aquifer, and the consequent rise in its piezometric surface, is the principal cause of the salinity problem in south-western Australia, the model will require a layer representing this aquifer in addition to one representing the soil layer.
Comparison of the predicted occurrence of seepage from the bottom layer with the present piezometric surface and its rate of change (Clarke et al.
They also suggested that this may increase to 10-16 mm, or 16-27% of the recharge, depending on potential changes to the piezometric surface in the future and treatments installed in the catchments.
Future studies should include determining piezometric surfaces for the Douglas Lake landscape, better characterization of groundwater using stable isotopes, and more accurately determining flowpaths through radon analyses.