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A structure that houses doves or pigeons; often square, hexagonal, octagonal, or round in plan and one-and-a-half or two stories high; typically topped with a finial; once popular because the birds provided a tasty source of fresh meat. The interior is honeycombed with niches in which the birds may rest. Also called a pigeon house or pigeonnier.
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Contractor address : Agence Midi Pyrnes, 1 chemin du Pigeonnier de la Cpire
5 hectares plus a separate house, rare Henry lV pigeonnier and excellent stabling with 14 loose boxes, all renovated.
Les Benefits Include, Among Others, Removal Of Food And Water, Management Of Eggs, And The Care Sick Pigeons, And Cleaning The Pigeonnier.
Pour reprendre l'analogie du dictionnaire de la secretaire Kitteridge, rappelons que les editeurs de l'Oxford English Dictionary se servent de pigeonniers dans leurs bureaux pour y classer les suggestions de leurs collaborateurs.