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Flex-Spex products made from ground and sized pigmented polymer sheet developed for paint, spray, powder and gel-coat applications.
While all the mutant colonies quickly succumbed, many of the pigmented ones persevered.
Reports of pigmented villonodular synovitis in the temporomandibular joint are rare.
Candela's customers in the United States have embraced Perfecta as a total rejuvenation system now that we can effectively treat vascular as well as epidermal pigmented lesions," said Dennis Herman, Senior Vice President, North American Sales, Marketing and Service for Candela.
We were able to improve upon the gold standard with the introduction of epidermal pigmented lesions as well as the advanced micropulse technology that allows our customers to treat cosmetic patients without downtime," said Gerard E.
The human brain visualizes the world as a mixture of three primary colors, sensed by pigmented cells in the eye.
a leader in ink technology, today announced the development and the industry's first production of color pigmented inks for ink jet printers, plotters, facsimile machines and color copiers.
Unfilled PP homopolymer: Cell-Span 610L in a 61-g, pigmented PP part resulted in a 10-sec drop in cycle time--a 36% reduction--and cost savings of $4166.
will demonstrate the effectiveness of its recently introduced Dyna-Purge Excel polyolefin compound by purging highly pigmented resins from a 1-in.
In terms of lab work, such colorant file changes mean fabricating more "working masters," or pigmented plastic chips, and characterizing them in the new absolute database.
Products are produced by chemical and heat treatments, which convert mica to a "champagne" gold color, as well as metalizing the mica, dyeing it, or coating it with pigmented polymer or other media.
unveiled a non-pigment colorant system that reportedly can overcome some of the problems experienced when pigmented colorants are used with opaque polyolefins.