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(pē`lä), Ger. Schneidemühl, town (1994 est. pop. 74,000), Wielkopolskie prov., NW Poland, on the Gwdą River. Once the capital of Grenzmark Posen–West Prussia, it is now chiefly a trade and industrial center. It was devastated in World War II, after which it reverted to Poland. There are lignite mines nearby. The city was chartered in 1380.



a city in Poland, situated on the Notec̄, a navigable river, and administrative center of Pila Województwo. Population, 45,300 (1973). Pila, a railroad junction, has railroad yards. Industries include the manufacture of electric bulbs and agricultural implements. The local food-processing industry produces alcohol and starch, and the city also has wood-products and textile industries, including a flax-processing plant.


1. In churches in Italy, a holy-water font, consisting of a bowl mounted on a shaft, as distinguished from a font hanging from or secured to a wall or pier.
2. A square block or epistyle, just over the columns, to support a rooftimber.
3. A mortar which is valuable or curious on account of its antiquity or design.
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Habiendo concluido sus trienios en varios conventos, fray Pedro de Pila regreso a Tzintzuntzan, donde estaba de guardian a finales de 1581, segun un documento de probanza de nobleza, hidalguia y limpieza del 13 de noviembre de ese ano (20).
La estructura de apoyo se erige en cada eje con un par de pilas conformadas por estructuras huecas rectangulares de 3 por 3 metros y espesor de 0.
s], en primer lugar se coloco alrededor de la pila un aro de diametro W = 14,6 cm.
La historia de amor de Anette y Pila todavia esta en el ambiente.
Pila is also one of the four places in the Alps from which you can clap eyes on Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn at the same time.
To acquire this interest, Pila has to make cash payments totaling approximately US$350,000 and spend US$2 million in exploration expenditures on the concession over a three year period.
It was only his second game, but Pila is really showing his form and the other players are giving him lots of space to run into," said Williams.
El Gobierno de Estados Unidos y los tres grandes fabricantes de automoviles de Detroit estan empenados en promover el desarrollo de una nueva generacion de motores con pila de combustible alimentada por hidrogeno.
It takes you out of the car park, over a motorway and 20 minutes later deposits you in Pila, one of Italy's many hidden ski resorts, now served by two British operators.
actually ngayon po, sir, may pila sa peak hours but during off peak, wala na pong pila.