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(pē`lä), Ger. Schneidemühl, town (1994 est. pop. 74,000), Wielkopolskie prov., NW Poland, on the Gwdą River. Once the capital of Grenzmark Posen–West Prussia, it is now chiefly a trade and industrial center. It was devastated in World War II, after which it reverted to Poland. There are lignite mines nearby. The city was chartered in 1380.



a city in Poland, situated on the Notec̄, a navigable river, and administrative center of Pila Województwo. Population, 45,300 (1973). Pila, a railroad junction, has railroad yards. Industries include the manufacture of electric bulbs and agricultural implements. The local food-processing industry produces alcohol and starch, and the city also has wood-products and textile industries, including a flax-processing plant.


1. In churches in Italy, a holy-water font, consisting of a bowl mounted on a shaft, as distinguished from a font hanging from or secured to a wall or pier.
2. A square block or epistyle, just over the columns, to support a rooftimber.
3. A mortar which is valuable or curious on account of its antiquity or design.
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The subject of the order is a service - comprehensive property insurance, Third party liability insurance, Motor insurance and nnw of the pila commune together with subordinate organizational units and self-government legal entities, Ospozarna ratownictwo wodne and municipal guard.
Sus abuelos paternos llevaban el nombre de Pedro Saenz de Pila y dona Maria Lopez de Guerricaiz.
Dozens of people were injured - some seriously - in the fighting that broke out at La Pila, situated in the state capital, early on Saturday
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Additionally, Outrigger Reef on the Beach provides each family with a welcome gift valued at $50 including a Kani Ka Pila Grille logo bag brimming with an assortment of local goodies, such as a six-pack of juice, assorted local snacks and a family friendly book, titled OAkua HawaiiO (Hawaiian Gods and their Stories) by Kimo Armitage.
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En el Centro de Prevencion y Readaptacion Estatal (Ceprereso) de La Pila, el mas grande de la entidad, quienes se erigen en "gobierno" son Los Zetas.