pilot's operating handbook

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pilot's notes

A handbook issued by the aircraft manufacturer that describes the aircraft's systems in brief, gives checks and procedures, and indicates the actions to be taken in various contingencies. It also gives the operating data and limitations. Also called a pilot's operating handbook, or POH.
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That's Airworthiness (comes from the factory with one), Registration, Official pilot's operating handbook and individual Weight and balance details.
When approaching an airport with gusty winds, use the airspeed recommended by the pilot's operating handbook.
The schematic at right is adapted from one appearing in a pilot's operating handbook for an Avidyne-equipped Cirrus SR22 POH.
Study the Systems Description, Limitations and Normal Procedures sections of the Pilot's Operating Handbook (or in the Air Force, the Dash 1).
The NTSB then concluded, "Leading-edge deice boots should be activated as soon as icing is encountered, unless the aircraft flight manual or the pilot's operating handbook specifically directs not to activate them.
After verifying a positive rate of climb, retract flaps (consistent with Pilot's Operating Handbook or other type-specific guidance) and, in retractable gear airplanes, raise the wheels.
To determine if the aircraft you fly has been modified by an STC affecting its operation, the first place to look is the aircraft flight manual (AFM) or the pilot's operating handbook (POH).