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piloti (pl.pilotis)

One of a number of isolated columns, posts, or piles that support a building, raising it above ground level; the ground floor is open to the exterior.
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Representing the Nazionale Piloti team, alongside others, will be Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa.
To underline the fact that the fleet of 1426 consisted merely of transport ships, the Venetian merchant Piloti tells us that the Mamluks conquered Cyprus with better nutshells, i.
Anche in questo caso, come nell'episodio gia citato di Atlante occidentale, la narrazione non viene condotta dal punto di vista dei piloti o dei passeggeri, ma dal punto di vista dell'aereo: si racconta innanzitutto il dramma dell'aereo, la sua storia, la maniera in cui e stato ridotto a pezzi, e poi recuperato dal fondo del Tirreno e assemblato in un hangar come un grottesco e tragico mosaico, come un grosso animale preistorico.
While it is easy to dismiss Piloti as "misanthropic" and "out of step", it is only fair for a counterpoint to be heard to the otherwise unanimous praise that has been heaped upon it.
Pilots with Italian carrier Alitalia, who are represented by the Associazione Nazionale Piloti Aviazione Commerciale, have joined the SkyTeam Pilots Alliance, which represents pilots of SkyTeam member airlines, including AeroMexico, CSA Czech Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Korean Air Lines and Air France.
Additionally, Oneida offered five-piece place settings in two patterns, Raffia and Piloti.
The certification of our Georgia CAPS project is evidence of our commitment not only to deliver high quality services to child care providers across the state, but also to provide efficient and cost-effective services for the Georgia Department of Human Services," commented Akbar Piloti, President and General Manager of the MAXIMUS Human Services Segment.
The game is being organised by the Abu Dhabi Sports Council and DM Cube in conjunction with Nazionale Piloti.
Herbert Read once observed that, 'in the back of every dying civilisation sticks a bloody Doric column', although these days we can see that, in the terrible history of the 20th century, a steel or concrete piloti could equally well prop up a tyranny.
But Mr Sargent retorted: "We've grown accustomed to Piloti's rubbishing buildings everyone else loves and praising the meretricious and modish, so the moment a national newspaper greeted The Sage Gateshead with the headline `Another day, another breathtaking creation from Norman Foster' ( echoing near-unanimous praise throughout the print and broadcast media ( we guessed Piloti would express his lofty disdain.
I piloti avevano una grande responsabilita per la vita dei loro passeggeri e non potevano tollerare in queste carte la presenza di particolari fittizi o mitologici.
The two exclusive patterns, Raffia and Piloti, is designed to act as a bridge between the silver and housewares department.