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There was no real reason for the rule, other than the fact that pine tar was ruining baseballs and too many were getting tossed out of play.
Umpires reportedly found the pine tar after the Nationals requested Peralta's glove be examined shortly after he entered the game in the eighth inning.
The umpires had disallowed the homer because the pine tar on Brett's bat exceeded the 18-inch limit.
I put some pine tar, (the kind you buy at feed stores for horses) in some soap for a good shampoo.
It is said to give players a better grip that is an alternative to the pine tar traditionally used.
The most intelligent comment about the Michael Pineda pine tar incident last week came from Yankees pitching coach Larry Rothschild.
Another remedy that she used, while not being herbal but very good, was a mixture of pine tar, linseed oil and turpentine.
The rubber stock was made of natural rubber, carbon black, silica and other additives such as bonding agent, salt additive, pine tar, sulfur and sulfonamide curing system.