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see sealseal,
carnivorous aquatic mammal with front and hind feet modified as flippers, or fin-feet. The name seal is sometimes applied broadly to any of the fin-footed mammals, or pinnipeds, including the walrus, the eared seals (sea lion and fur seal), and the true seals, also called
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Over the last two decades, domoic acid poisoning has been responsible for the strandings and deaths of thousands of pinnipeds along US shores--elephant seals, harbor seals, Guadalupe and northern fur seals.
For example, management of local salmon and other commercially-important fish, and sturgeon populations are of concern as they relate to local pinniped predation and management (Beach and others 1985).
Potential pinniped remains recorded from AE-14 are constituted by a partial thoracic cage (45 cm long), with seven articulated thoracic vertebrae and articulated double-headed ribs and connected with their respective vertebrae via capitula and tubercula (Fig.
The assemblage of marine mammals in shelf and deep waters influenced by the Brazil-Malvinas Confluence off Argentina was composed by one dominating pinniped (A.
Scoresby too pondered on pinniped evolution when he remarked: "This singular animal [the walrus] forms the connecting link between the mammalia of the land and the water, corresponding, in several of its characters, both with the bullock and the whale" (Scoresby, 1820:502).
During further conversations and interviews with local islanders and according to their descriptions, it was evident that another pinniped species has also visited the island occasionally, possibly a sea lion (Otaridae).
The location of biologically productive sites and associated physical fronts may result in high abundance of prey that compound the diet of pinnipeds (Bowen et al.
Like the existing take provisions of the MMPA, Section 120 purports to have strict requirements for when a pinniped can be taken, but often fails to explain what those requirements entail.
The reports by Federova (1985) and Veniaminov (1840) are important for the general understanding of the settlement of Alaska by Russian hunters and fur traders, the structure of pinniped and sea otter harvests, the number of vessels, types of transportation used by the indigenous people, and the administration of the huge region concerned.
The project has entailed (1) construction of boardwalks to reduce both human and pinniped disturbance to burrows, (2) installation of nest boxes to supplement breeding habitat, provide protected nest sites, and aid in monitoring and management efforts, and (3) studies of demographic traits, population dynamics, and feeding ecology to develop an understanding of factors affecting auklet population dynamics.
After working the net off, I quickly straddle the wet, wriggling pinniped.
The protection afforded these marine mammals is undoubtedly the result of what many view to be the bloody and brutal history of their exploitation and the fact that some pinniped populations have yet to recover from the harvest by sealers during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.