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see seahorseseahorse,
common name for certain small fishes of the family Syngnathidae, inhabiting warm waters but sometimes found as far north as Cape Cod. The elongated head and snout of a seahorse, flexed at right angles to the body, suggest those of a horse.
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affinis is questioned based on a multivariate analysis of the meristic and morphological characters currently used to identify pipefishes.
In the limited time frame used for this study, a total of 192 pipefishes were collected from nearshore habitats.
affinis were primarily based on meristic differences found in the short-snouted pipefishes from the western Gulf of Mexico (Herald 1965; Parker et al.
affinis, all short-snouted pipefishes from the western Gulf of Mexico should be referred to as S.
Three new pipefishes from the Atlantic coasts of North and South America; with a key to the Atlantic American species.
The second instructive example of sex role reversal is that of seahorses and pipefishes, in the family Syngnathidae (collectively called syngnathids).
California pipefishes are highly diverse and particularly difficult to consistently identify.