pipeline burst cache

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Pipeline Burst Cache

(hardware, storage)
(PB Cache) A synchronous cache built from pipelined SRAM.

A cache in which reading or writing a new location takes multiple cycles but subsequent locations can be accessed in a single cycle. On Pentium systems in 1996, pipeline burst caches are frequently used as secondary caches. The first 8 bytes of data are transferred in 3 CPU cycles, and the next 3 8-byte pieces of data are transferred in one cycle each.

pipeline burst cache

A common type of static RAM chip used for memory caches. After the first byte is accessed, access to subsequent memory locations takes fewer machine cycles than with previous designs. See L2 cache and static RAM.
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4GB Ultra ATA Hard Drive, 24X Variable Speed CD-ROM Drive, 512K L2 Pipeline Burst Cache, STB Velocity 4MB AGP Graphics accelerator, integrated sound system and a host of available expansion capabilities.
Available in Pentium(R) 166Mhz and 200Mhz configurations with 256K pipeline burst cache, the Aspire Ultimate Solution delivers an average of 30-40 percent faster performance over PCs without second-level cache installed.
This Fall, Acer America adds 256K pipeline burst cache for an average 30-40% performance boost, 33.
1" XGA TFT display -Intel 440 BX Chipset -512k L2 pipeline burst cache -24X CD-ROM -Floppy drive -Removable hard drive -Li-ion battery bay -4MB video memory -Touch pad pointing device -Wavetable/3D positional sound -S-Video/NTSC out -Built-in stereo speakers and microphone -Two Type II/One Type III PCMCIA slots -2-way fast-infrared port -Microphone, stereo line-in and line-out jacks -Adjustable volume control -Two USB ports, parallel port, serial port, PS/2 keyboard
A fully-configured Dell Dimension XPS P200s with 16MB of SDRAM, 256KB pipeline burst cache, a 15TX Trinitron color monitor (13.
The value-oriented Internet PC features the powerful new Intel Celeron processor -- 333 MHz, which incorporates a 128KB L2 Pipeline Burst Cache, dramatically decreasing the time it takes to launch applications and significantly boosting its performance.
such as EDO memory, pipeline burst cache and -- for maximum flexibility