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a body spin, esp in dancing, on the toes or the ball of the foot



a ballet term designating a full turn or multiple full turns executed in place by a male or female dancer. Rotation may be clockwise or counterclockwise. A pirouette is executed by a variety of means that create a spinning motion. A dancer can execute a series of pirouettes moving in a straight line or a circle.

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Maybe you are falling out of pirouettes, your turns have a jerky rhythm, or you carry so much tension in your neck that you can't do multiples.
The record was set by Alicia Clifton (USA) completing 36 pirouettes at the "Applause Studio" in Oklahoma, USA on December 9, 2005.
I went up there and when I got to the top I did a little pirouette, a 360 degree spin, so that was fun.
Famous for his beautifully executed acrobatic pirouettes on the soccer field, and his impeccable sportsmanship, the "Pentapichichi" (as Sanchez is known for having received the "pichichi" award for most goals scored in the Spanish league five times in one season) now brings all of these attributes to the SportsYA
For instance, how should you approach pirouettes, contractions, and back bends?
One dancer pirouettes and glides in half-light, her hand to her head, as if lost in thought; another bangs the reinforced balls of her toe shoes ferociously on the floorboards, as though in a violent argument.
Except for Penn's adroit, impulsive psychological pirouettes, the first half of ``She's So Lovely'' has an unappetizing air of condescension to it.
You do, like, pirouettes and you choreograph,'' said 11-year old dancer and Thousand Oaks resident Lauren Sporich.
Another female skater whirls in dizzying pirouettes over the ice while a man slowly follows his own tracks, carving deeper and deeper into the ice to spell the word "how.
With music by Gavin Bryars and David Lang and a cast of nine, the high-speed ballet is packed with extreme pirouettes and physics-defying illusions.
There's ballet, with pirouettes, toe shoes and a bunch of dancers with Russian names.