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suggest a snack of pistachios might boost brain power and concentration levels at work.
Though harvested in late summer/early autumn, pistachios are available year round.
TAP) -- The pistachios harvest in Gafsa will start in a few days with the production estimated to reach 1,200 tonnes this year, i.
The United States only began planting pistachio trees in the late 1970s, a few years before the Islamic revolution, and the trees only began producing nuts in the early 1980s.
A similar scene was witnessed in the northeastern Afghan province of Kunduz last year, where the government forces didn't have any authority over the pistachio forest because they were located" in Taliban-controlled areas," Hafizullah Benish told (http://www.
Producers who have produced pistachios in California, Arizona and New Mexico from Sept.
The loss of forests to the Taleban has affected pistachio production.
Iran is still the world's first pistachio exporter, and we are getting close to the US as the first producer given the rising process over recent years," Ali Mohseni, Iranian Ministry of Agriculture official, said.
Whisk together lemon juice, agave, cinnamon, cayenne and pistachio oil.
Peel the pistachio nuts, briefly toast in a dry frying pan and then process in a food processor or crush in a pestle & mortar.
Washington, Aug 06 ( ANI ): Researchers have recently revealed that eating Pistachios may help type 2 diabetic patients in curbing vascular response to everyday life stress.
Let sit in the freezer for three hours before serving sprinkled with pistachios.