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Previous work (12, 13) has shown that flow patterns in the barrel changed continuously with piston displacement, and a fully developed laminar flow seemed to be exhibited when the piston displacement reached approximately one-half the barrel length.
It should be noted that the melt velocity was simultaneously measured with the die swell ratio, melt velocity values at any radial positions across the die being averaged and obtained at the piston displacement range of 85-92 mm down the barrel.
This volume was measured by analyzing measurements of pressure as a function of piston displacement.
Custom software periodically records measurements of the time, piston displacement, pressure, PRT temperatures, and the flow rate reported by the transfer standard.
The actual pulse conditions were a piston displacement (with a 25 Hz pulse to simulate the passage of the contact patch) followed by a 1/7 s recovery time, the aim of which was to approximately mimic the tire revolution time.
Die number 3 was used to observe the flow patterns at different piston displacements in the barrel of the capillary rheometer, the flow patterns being shown in Fig.
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In order to obtain the proportionality between the flow, Q and the piston displacement, y, turbulent flow through the rsistance must be achieved (Backe, 1984).
The compression ratio of an engine is the piston displacement volume plus the volume of the combustion chamber divided by the volume of the combustion chamber -- in other words, the amount by which the fuel/air mixture is compressed in the cylinder before it is ignited.
Figure 12 shows the variations in the axial melt velocity as a function of the piston displacement and indicates that the development of the die entrance velocity profiles are influenced by the piston displacement.
2kg/cm2 /175 psi, two stage Piston Displacement = lpm-501, cfm-17.
passenger-car engine, at a speed more than twice as high, despite having about the same piston displacement.